Friday, September 26, 2008

Detailed moon for Vinnie!

So, the cat's a little outta the bag. The short story's theme, other than lycanthropy, is mirrors, reflections, looking into yourself, etc. No worries, True Believer! When the book comes out, you'll still be led down a beguiling path of merriment in this, the most exciting of Uber-Positive Sleuth mysteries! The 1st / origin book of Jimmy'll be coming out in tandem with CAKE's short story, so...hope to see you in San Diego next year!!

The CAKE layout deems a 2 page opening, hence the spread. It actually helped me chuck a page that had to go to fit into the 11 page length. Enjoy (or get blinded by) the color 'til it all gets covered by word balloons....

On a sadder note; it's been one hell of a year for losing people.

RIP Richard Pimm, further proof the good die young and assholes live for fucking ever.