Saturday, December 20, 2008


What was that? Oh,the last few months of my life wizzing past. Zoiks.

This is my first day to chill some unprovoked doodling, push away from the desk in the afternoon, and walk amongst the the panic stricken shoppers on a truly magnificent snowy winter's day. No doubt on that account, either; Vancouver's looking pretty easterly this year, and that just adds to the disbelieving, tortured faces in the crowds.

I think it's great, this town sure needs a little wake up smack from the malaise that encroaches on it. I'm all for getting some snow and a change of season. (That, and my odd fondness for shrinkage.)

Cars are skidding out left and right, cheeks are rosy, and dogs are staring at their bonehead street surfing masters with a look that could very well say "If you don't get it together, I'm just gonna have to move on ."