Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Word on Creation...

Looking for a bit of inspiration, I found myself going here from an older book I did a few years ago. It's nice to revisit the series and see it still holds water, though I should give it the editing pass it so desperately needs.
Unfortunately, I have a hard time stopping and finessing something once it's done the first time. Every image on this blog is an example of this aggressive, A.D.D-type of creativity; while there's always room for improvement to a piece, once I'm done, I'm done.(I have a rolodex of justification, so don't bother...)

Maybe one day I'll have a book compiled of all these previous projects that didn't make it....

...and then, of course, there'll be something about the cover I hate, but never bothered revising.
*UPDATE* - You can see the windmill tower showing through the ribbon thingy in the bible from when I had to multilayer for some see? It never ends!!.... I'll get back t--awww fukkit.