Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Warm Holiday Wishes....

I expect this'll be my last post before the New Year / Apocalypse, so best wishes to all...and I TOLD YOU SO!

Jimmy Ricochet #1 is now available here as a web comic for the super groovy price of 3 bucks for all you international types I haven't got it out to yet! ( I plan on doing some travelling with the book this year, I'll let you know where and when.) Thanks to everyone for the support, I'm glad it seems to be connecting with folks!
Secondly, as stated in the post below, Zombie Terrors is also out and looking great, you can order it in it's horrific hard copiness at Asylum Press here!
Their next compilation is HillBilly Horrors, to which you're looking at my pen & ink splash page now!

As for next year, may you all have the physical tenacity of Keith Richards, and the luck of...well, YOU, I hope!