Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Hey all, and apologies for the long wait. I'm back from my globe-trotting, and am diving right back in; there'll be posts coming fast and furious the next little while as it turns out I came home to some fun stuff to do!
First off is this guy: Anyone who knows my blog here'll recognize the image, I've revisited it for Emerald City's Monsters & Dames book which accompanies the convention at the end of March. It sure feels odd seeing this image in a vertical composition, but it's an opportunity to get in a volume with the greats, last year's was a rockin' collection of talent! *UPDATE* The image has been accepted for the book out of 250+ submissions; the originals are auctioned off for charity. With mine being kinda cyber art, I've made it into the above limited edition poster.