Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Nice Quiet Spot

Aaaaaaaahhh, new digs. No more crazy amplified buskers beat-boxin' it, bongo slapping it, American Pie / Stairway to Heaven (Yeah, STILL!) whining it. Come January 1st I'm moving.... allll the way upstairs in the same building, different side. It ain't much, but it'll sure make a difference to my state of mind. One can never escape the bagpipers, I know...
Here's a spread from across the top of pages 2-3 on Mary Lou. Page 1 splash is down below. Way down below. Funnilly enough, I'm just getting to finishing it the exact week, a year to the week the 1st page was done. It's just about there for my horror anthology, though I still haven't got the name together yet. Tummy Worm Tales? Spew-iri-ffick Stories, Buskers in the Fruit Cellar, what?