Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Racing Under Fire

An effective sketch if nothing else; there's plenty that drives me crazy here, but some amply nifty stuff, too. (I just know I'll never go back to fix the wing perspective, etc. Dammit Jim, I'm a board artist, not Gustav Freakin' Klimt!)

**BLOODY HELL is now up on Drive Thu Comics for the ebook price of 3 bones! That's a buck per each terrifying tale of torment! Hey, if these stories don't make your flesh crawl, your skin's on too tight!**
My apologies for the lack of posts, the boards are flying fast and furious these days and the conventions are on the way. You'll definitely be seeing me at Seattle's Emerald City, Vancouver's own Fan Expo, Kapow! In London, and the Phoenix Comic Con. I'm still not locked in for Lucca in Tuscany, but have every intent on getting out there too.

I didn't do it last year, but think I might start a from the trenches blog of the tour, I'll let you know when I know/commit!