Saturday, September 14, 2013



 There's some great imagery to my western story, but a few hurdles narrative-wise to jump over before I can get to them. I've been working with longer formats a while, and it's tough axing things down to keep it a short story so it won't take over my life!

While I let things simmer, there's a ton of old images that could use some tweaking to make 'em shine a bit brighter (something I can never get to at the time), including this one.  There's actually a series of these '20s images that could use a pass; we'll see what happens in the next few weeks!

With the Time Machine being an ebook until the new year, I'm left a little unarmed for the upcoming Emily Con, hence the blog info at the bottom of the image. This'll be a bit of a different show for me with some postcards promoting the book and site, I'll have some original pages on display, and of course be firing off sketches until the wrist falls off. Looking forward to seeing you all there!