Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Kinda rippin' myself off here, but a LOT of the posts on this blog were from a community blog called Art Jumble.  Every week was a different subject and you just made sure you did a sketch, got it in by Friday. It was great for  keepin' those creative wheels going and I would dedicate about 4 hrs to a piece. Combined with the influence of other styles on the same subject done in the same amount of time (I assume), it was awesome for getting pushed to trying out new things in a set arena. I truly wish the blog would get passed on to parties interested in carrying it, but I suppose they're like myself, and more into creating than managing.
It was the other styles I'd seen that made mine feel rustic, and looking to trying new things, this one which you can compare to the banner above. ( It now comes in 3 different colors!) Being that it was a sketch and new to the software, I dumped the original AI files off this and have to redo it (like others to come) for larger repro.
Cheers to you guys at the Jumble. You get interesting bright periods of time in this industry, and you were one.