Sunday, December 31, 2006


Hey all; happy impending new year!

Thanks for the feedback on the "Gestation" book! I am going to introduce a 3rd story arc to it, and the two existing ones will serve as backstory/flashbacks leading up to the "opened up" colour story. Their cinematic approach'll work well for that, and when wrapped in with the new one, we're looking at about 3 finished books! If it ever gets picked up,that'll give me a steady monthly delivery, and window to keep delivery fluid.

I'm also revising this book "Killing Time," which I'm very proud of, and the consensus on this one was basically that the text layout was confusing. (I'll also do some editing; there's enough metaphors in the first 3 pages to choke Black Adder.)This book won't take long, but I had to get away from it for a bit first.

Paying work is of course always the great time eater, and I don't see any true "hard time" on these books for a couple months; at least the silly season's past... I'll be using this time to look into self publishing and the writing aspect. Any advice or names in the publishing aspect would be deeply appreciated!

I hope to see you guys on the "Art Jumble," it's a great reason to do an image a week, and man, is there some talent up there!