Monday, December 10, 2007

Jimmy Ricochet!

On my table and on the way, it's.......Jimmy Ricochet!

I did a newstrip submission with Jimmy about 5 years ago, the thinking being that every month there would be a new mystery that this uber-positive kid would somehow get through. The first series introduces him as he's mysteriously left a P.I. agency by a detective he's never met, and he has to solve the shamus' murder to find out why. The syndicates didn't go for it, and the main critique that I got was that it was more comic book than daily strip sensibility. Right or wrong, I did what I always do in these cases, and threw it on the "turnaround" shelf and forgot about it.....

So, a few years go by, and like a bunch of different ideas, this one simmers, and hopefully grows richer. Then my dad introduces me to Michael Connelly's books, and his protagonist, Harry (Heironymous) Bosch. It'd been years since I'd read fiction, seldom interested. But the writing and the character hooked me immediately, and I plowed through all the books voraciously. (I HIGHLY recommend them, "The Black Ice" is the first book.) They so jazzed me, that I blew the dust off Jimmy, have written the first mystery as a script, and am just about to give it my second pass while I niggle with the style and characters.

More to come!