Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo


I almost sluffed this one off with "I'm too busy," (the usual).

My last con was a disappointment that made me woefully unprepared for this amazing show. Apparently over 5,000 people came through on the preview night in 5 hours, leaving my small amount of stuff pretty scoured. I've jumped right in this year, doing my first show at APE in San Fran, KAPOW! in London UK, BIG WOW in San Jose a bunch of others, and this thing was just astounding. Calgarians, Edmonton... toinians?... tians... ites.... Edmenintights.... Folks from Edmonton.... The amount of costumes, talent, buyers, and flatout spirit sent it WAY over the top. I HIGHLY recommending anyone planning on doing the circuit to join this party. I mean, look at this kid. How awesome is that? Wait, it gets better; that's her parents also in the shot. ( Yes, the mom's Harlequin, wierdos.)