Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wollaton Hall

A cool bit of news; Batman 3's shooting at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, UK.

I can't possibly express what a presence this building has in my life. Notts is my heritage; I spent a lot of my youth there, and lots of time in and around this site, enjoying the huge deer filled park that surrounds it, the caves that run under it, and art classes held within it's Elizabethan walls. Heck, My wedding pictures are in front of the thing! It's a beautiful, looming personality that feels like it's in some way partly mine, or at least we know each other a bit better than most. ( Could be this relationship that makes me love the original the Haunting so much.) I can only assume it'll be the new Wayne Manor. Go figure. I guess it's more his, then. Nice to see the old girl getting some screen time, anyway.

I'm there in 8 weeks as I start a bit of a tour that goes Notts>Helsinki>Moscow>New York. It's a big trip, and I'm just hitting silly season for doniroes, so when the posts (if they happen) get sloppy, do not adjust your set.